Pledge your support to IOSH


Pledge your support

IOSH's vision is simple – a safe and healthy world of work.

We've developed our Activate 2028 campaign to help us make this a reality. And we need your help.

We're asking you, our members and supporters, to pledge your support.

Here's how

You can contribute towards IOSH's strategic goals by committing to the statements below.

  1. We will push for best practice in our organisations, share our success and celebrate the colleagues and peers who help to lead the way.
  2. We will support and connect with fellow professionals to continually develop a safe and healthy world of work.
  3. We will challenge ourselves to identify and address ways in which our contributions can support sustainability in the workplace and help to usher in a more sustainable future.
  4. We will embrace diversity and create an environment for greater equity and inclusion in whichever industry or organisation we are working in.
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